Aerial views of St Nicholas at Wade

Pages in the ‘Photos’ section contain low-resolution (mainly historical) images of St Nicholas-at-Wade with Sarre, kept small to minimize download / display times. The notes in some pictures were there when I originally got them. Iain Knight has also uploaded many old postcards of St Nicholas, Sarre, Monkton and more. For old photographs of Ramsgate or other parts of Thanet, try Thanet Online or The Birchington Roundabout (archive link).

Most of the pictures below can be clicked to enlarge them.

Village seen from the West Village seen from the East Village seen from the South School seen from the air Village in 1959 from SE Village in 1990 from S(W) Village in 1972 from SE Village in 1940 from S

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Village from almost directly above Village from almost directly above

Google Maps and Bing both offer zoomable satellite views, with superimposed maps etc., but currently neither offers a genuine '3D' aerial view covering the village.
Village from almost directly above

The Cambridge Air Photos project has many aerial views around the village showing ancient cropmarks and the outlines of WW2 installations. The two shown below are from shortly after the war:earlier aerial shots can be seen on the St Nicholas-at-Wade in WW2 page. More recent aerial photographs can be seen on Historic England.

Fields showing rectangular cropmarks Fields showing circular and zigzag cropmarks