Farms at St Nicholas-at-Wade

Farming has for centuries been of great importance to the village of St Nicholas-at-Wade, although it no longer accounts for the huge proportion of local employment it once did.

Ploughing local field - picture courtesy of St Nicholas Photography, families such as the Bridges, Paramores, Finches, Gillows, Neames, Broadleys, Wightmans, Philpotts, Baxters, Smiths and Tapps have been very influential, and their names are seen throughout the village and surrounding area, although much of the land they farmed is actually owned by the Crown, the Church, or various Oxbridge colleges (which helped develop farming here).

Individual farm names include Downbarton, Shuart, Bartletts, Chambers Wall, Charity, St Nicholas Court, Netherhale, Upper Hale, Frost, Wade, Hall, Crumps, Streete, Wagtail, Evernden, Hedgend, and more.

As agriculture changed, many diversified, for example into livery stables (Crumps) or bio-energy (anaerobic digestion at St Nicholas Court). Down Barton Farm now has a website showing its caravan & container storage business, and Hedgend boasts a prosperous small industrial estate. Broadleys alternates between sheep and a camping site / holiday cottage.